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A message from the Code Compliance Office

We have all been affected in some way by the COVID-19 virus. The City of Boerne, in an effort to remain proactive in trying to help prevent the exposure or spread of the virus to its citizens and employees, will be making further temporary policy changes. Starting Monday, 3/23, until further notice, the Code Enforcement Department will be running a two-person staff only. We will have one inspector and one clerk on an alternating schedule. This means that, for the time being, the number of inspections done will be reduced considerably, permits may take longer than usual to be processed, and emails may not be answered as quickly. We will do what we can to make sure that construction can continue with as few interruptions and little delays possible, but please note that not all inspections will be able to be scheduled for the following day, so please plan accordingly. Any inspections that are currently scheduled for Monday and Tuesday may have to be rescheduled. We will do what we can on those days and then reschedule the rest for later in the week.

All emails that are normally sent to me should also be sent to Betty. She will be helping with clerical duties while I am out. To ensure that your emails are answered in a timely manner, please include both of us in your emails. Betty’s email address is

We understand that these changes may complicate your plans and disrupt timelines for your projects and we appreciate your continued patience and understanding as the City of Boerne takes these necessary precautions to help protect our community. We will continue to be vigilant, remain strong and stay calm as we work together to make it through these uncertain and stressful next few weeks.

We will keep everyone updated as often as we receive new information.

As always, if you have any questions, please let us know.

Troy Simmons

Current Codes - International Code Council (ICC)

2009 International Building Code

2009 International Residential Code

2009 International Gas Code

2009 International Mechanical Code

2009 International Plumbing Code

2009 International Property Maintenance Code

2011 National Electrical Code

Please disregard any Handouts and Handbooks that may state different codes.

New Permit Fees went into effect 1/1/2019. Please check new fee ordinance online. Booklets and handouts may reference old fee. New booklets and handouts are in the process of being updated.

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We are happy to assist you in answering questions regarding your property setback restrictions, utility or drainage easements, or permitting of any type. Please contact Code Enforcement Monday through Friday at 830-248-1529.