TX License to Carry Handgun Class

Class Details:

Saturdays:          8:00 am – 2:30 pm
Class Location:  Go Heeled Classroom
                           1015 N. School St.
Range Location: Caliber Canyon Gun Range
                            139 Walnut Grove Rd.
Tuition:                $95
Age:                     19 (not eligible to apply for a License To                        Carry until the age of 21). 


2019 Sessions

Session I: Jan. 12
Session II: Feb. 9
Session III: Mar. 9
Session IV: Apr. 13
Session V: May 11
Session VI: June 8
Session VII: July 13
Session VIII: Aug. 10
Session IX: Sept. 14
Session X: Oct. 12
Session XI: Nov. 9
Session Xll: Dec. 14


If you are interested in obtaining a License To Carry a handgun (concealed or openly) in the State of Texas, this course is a requirement. Upon successful completion of this training and submission of the application and fingerprints, DPS will issue a license to those who are legally eligible. This course will cover all state required topics, Basic Firearms Safety, Safe Handling and Storage, Non-Violent Dispute Resolution, Use of Force Laws, Civil and Criminal Liability, and Texas Handgun Laws. This is not a Learn To Shoot Class. Attendees must be able to demonstrate that they can safely and proficiently operate a handgun.
       There is an additional fee to DPS to obtain a license.
Course Includes:
  • 4-6 hour State-Mandated Classroom Instruction
  • Classroom materials and handouts
  • Application preparation instruction
  • Refreshments
  • Fifty (50) round firearms qualification on a DPS approved range
  • Range fee, target, safety glasses, and hearing protection
  • Certificate of Completion (if student meets minimum qualifications)

Students Must Supply:

  • Valid Texas Drivers License or ID card
  • Footwear that covers the entire foot
  • A shirt with a conservative neckline (to protect against hot brass)
  • Handgun: Revolver or Semi Auto (no minimum caliber)
  • Handguns should be in safe working order
  • It no longer matters what type of handgun is used when qualifying. You will be licensed to cary both semi-auto and revolver.
  • One empty magazine required for semi-autos
  • Ammunition: Minimum 50 founds of factory ammo (no reloads).

    Rental handguns are available with ammo for $30